Are positive stories enough?

“The world is in dire need of a narrative adjustment; that’s why we write” (Hamid Dabashi) Since How To Thrive In the Next Economy was published in the autumn, my 29 conversations about the book have prompted all kinds of feedback. One question has cropped up repeatedly: In a world filled with melting ice caps, war, species extinctions, and economic peril, […]

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Bioregionalism By Design: Short Course at Schumacher College, England

Doors of Perception is helping to lead a  two week course at Schumacher College which runs from 25 April to 6 May. In myriad projects around the world, a new economy is emerging whose core value is stewardship, not extraction. Growth, in this new story, means soils, biodiversity and watersheds getting healthier, and communities more resilient. […]

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From Bike Chain to Blockchain: Three Questions About Cooperation Platforms and Mobility

Should transport systems be designed to save time – or calories? Who should own mobility sharing platforms: private companies? cities? us? What kind of ecosystem is needed to support the sharing platforms we want? These three questions are the focus of a workshop in London  on 25 November. I’ve asked a three friends to join me on a panel: Tessy Britton, Co-founder of Civic […]

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“It’s already happening”- a message to COP21

With fewer than three weeks to go until the start of COP21, the UN’s climate negotiations in Paris, a question arises: Will this gathering make the slightest difference? For Rob Hopkins, editor of a new book from Transition Network, 21 Stories of Transition, answer is yes – but a different kind of yes than the global leaders […]

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Between a rock and a soft place

Today, Plymouth University very generously awarded me an honorary doctorate.  Here is my short statement to this year’s graduating class in Design, Architecture and Environment. I nearly failed to get here yesterday, and I want to tell you why. The road from my house to the city passes through a spectacular gorge. Several weeks ago, after some especially violent rainstorms, […]

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#ThackaraThrive Speaking Dates

Saturday 3 October, Architecture Day, Antwerpen Artesis Plantijn University (details to follow) Thursay 8 October, Riga, RIXC Renewable Futures Congress Keynote: Green Hacking Saturday 10 October, Ilkley, UK Ilkley Literary Festival Shaping The Future strand Tuesday 13 October,Bristol Bristol, New Economy Summit Tuesday 13 October, London London, Design Museum, Conversation with

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How To Thrive In The Next Economy: Bibliography

Here is the bibliography of John Thackara’s book “How To Thrive In The Next Economy: Designing Tomorrow’s World Today”
September 2015

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My new book: How To Thrive In The Next Economy

Today I’m proud to announce that my new book, How To Thrive In The Next Economy: Designing Tomorrow’s World Today will be published by Thames & Hudson on 7 September; (the US edition comes out in December). Sample extracts from each of the ten chapters are here. TWITTER It would be terrific if you would help spread the word about […]

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Food Systems, Bioregions, Design: Join Us In Sweden on 9 August

Five residency places are available for professionals or grad students to join our summer school in Sweden – as explained here. Here is my text Bioregions: Notes On A Design Agenda. See also the course page of our partner, Konstfack, here. The summer school FB page is here. (Above: our school house) The one week event runs […]

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