Bioregions: Notes On A Design Agenda

In myriad projects around the world, a new economy is emerging whose core value is stewardship, not extraction. Growth, in this new story, means soils, biodiversity and watersheds getting healthier, and communities more resilient. These seedlings are cheering, but when it comes to binding diverse groups together around a common agenda, something more is needed. We need a compelling […]

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Food, bioregions, design: Doors of Perception Summer Xskool

Newsletter March/April 2015 C O N T E N T S: Doors of Perception Summer Xskool Media City Conference My new book Core77 Design Awards Commoning in Scotland On ecological empathy – and getting fired Three new books: Soil Atlas; Social Design; Art Nurses in Iceland [Above: our venue for the summer Xskool is the […]

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Laboratory for Microclimates

Under what circumstances would we become mindful stewards of living systems, not just their expoiters? The Dutch artist Annechien Meier re-connects us – viscerally, and emotionally – with our social and ecological surroundings. [Above: De-paving begins in Arnhem. Photo: Laboratory for Microclimates] Human beings are clever in many ways, but our attention is easily distracted from the support systems that […]

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Socially Smart Sanitation

Ugly Indians don’t blame their fellow citizens, or politicians, or ‘the system’: They act first, and then they talk. They make it “our” problem, not “your” problem.

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How to be a rock (December newsletter)

(Above: A forest skills workshop in Big Tree Country) Last month I spent a day in a small town of 2,000 people in Perthshire, Scotland, with the following group of people: a blacksmith; a book maker; a soldier turned master mead maker; an artist whose work explores how we interact with the ecology of the […]

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Leathershed lab: a workshop at Unbox

On Saturday 12 December, together with Mansi Gupta, I’m running a workshop at the UnBox Festival in Delhi. We will develop the programme of a Lab, to be situated at the heart of India’s largest leather-producing region, that will develop products and services that combine clean forms of leather making with direct connections between between producers and customers.

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When Shelter Doesn’t Have To Have a Concrete Roof

Public performance in Kisangani. Image © Studios Kabako Studios Kabako, a dance company from Africa, is the winner of this year’s 2014 Curry Stone Design Prize, an important international award. Using dance, theater, and music, Studios Kabako help local communities envision positive alternatives in a city that has known devastating armed conflict over many years. […]

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Housing Without Building: News From Doors of Perception

CONTENTS Housing without building On regarding the pain of the planet – a reader Forthcoming events HOUSING WITHOUT BUILDING The family of swallows that spent the summer in the eaves behind my office here in France have headed south for the winter. Soon, as Christmas beckons, they’ll reach their destinations: Botswana, Namibia or South Africa. […]

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On Regarding The Pain Of The Planet – A Reader

Why is it that shocking stories and images fail to change things? Are there different ways of knowing the world, than merely looking?

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